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Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate

“A Top product that I have been very satisfied with for years!”

Since 2010 I use the TopPigeon PE granulate in our own lofts. I am very satisfied with that and what is more important is that the pigeons feel good and reward me every year with top performances!

This modern food supplement was developed by Nutrievo and tested in 2010 in a number of lofts. This in close cooperation with Bram Koppenaal from Nutrievo. In these test lofts, in my loft but also the lofts of Gebr. vd Heuvel and Jos de Ridder. We all saw the positive effect of this product on the condition of the pigeons. In 2010 we were all very successful with provincial victories, long distance and extreme middle distance championships.

From the start I am ambassador of this product and it is exclusively available through the webshop www.toppigeons-korrel.nl! No product turns a donkey into a racehorse, but the TopPigeon PE granulate is now being used in the feeding system of many successful fanciers who have put their trust in it. Because of this the PE grain is part of the base of Olympiad pigeons, many national winners, national champions etc etc. Year in and year out! Something that we are very proud of.

The product adds omega 3 & omega 6, minerals, vitamins and proteins to the feed in an innovative way and in the right proportion. As a result, the pigeons digest the many efforts more easily, recuperate faster and are just a little fuller for the next assignment. Their resistance and reserves remain high. It is just those few percent that, in my opinion, can make the difference.
Of course, there are always several roads that lead to Rome, but the TopPigeons PE grain does this in a very simple way and, due to its complete composition, makes many other products unnecessary. A good mix of food, clean water and a lot of fresh grit remains the basis, but the grain adds a lot. As a result, healthy pigeons get that extra push, making them easier to get in shape.

The product is added by me almost daily to the feed: 1 kilogram of feed 1 tablespoon in periods of normal load and 2 tablespoons at the time that much is asked of pigeons and a top performance must be delivered. The grain can also be given individually the last days before basketing. Because it is a dry grain is no complicated hassle to moisten the food, etc.
Only in the period that I put the pigeons short, I hardly use the product.

The product is available in two packages, namely a large package of 5x 1.75 kg and a small package of 4 x 750 grams. The product is almost vacuum-packed in the packaging and can be stored for a long time in a normal manner and in sealed packaging.