TopPigeons Pigeon Endurance | 4 x 750g


With this Power Endurance Granulate you increase the general condition and your pigeons get that extra to perform every week! It is one of the most modern nutritional supplements currently available in the pigeon sport!

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Nutrievo’s Pigeon Endurance Features & benefits:

  • The complete supplement to your current pigeon feed
  • Packed in ultra high quality aluminium vacuum packaging to ensure a fresh product with long shelf life
  • Contains large amounts of energy and omega-3 fatty acids by the use of Omega-3 Salmon Pearls (O3SP)
  • Additional essential fatty acids
  • Specifically bound minerals for fast absorption and high utilization to ensure

Proven in practice:

  • Developed by leading nutritionists and veterinarians under the supervision of international champion Piet de Vogel
  • Tested and used successfully on Dutch Lofts

You will get:

  • Faster recovery of the animals after training
  • Reduces the risk of digestive disorders
  • Pigeons in top form, prepared for ultimate performance

Pigeon racing is top sport! The effort to achieve ever better results requires to provide the highest quality pigeon feed and dietary supplements. Nutrievo understands the needs of professional enthusiasts: a special diet which meets the highest nutritional demands of today’s sport-pigeon!

Of the modern pigeon is expected a top performance throughout the season. Sprint and middle distance pigeons fly every week. The pigeons for range or two-day flights are specially prepared for these flights. Good nutrition is crucial for endurance racing. The pigeons are fed the different base mixes as a solid foundation. To achieve the performance peaks at the right time the addition of special supplements is required.

Nutrievo specializes in the development of natural dietary supplements for animals. A particular challenge was the combination of high quality raw materials combined with omega-3 fatty acids. This new product is combined with a mixture of pure linseed and salmon oil. A unique combination! The product is odorless and can be directly fed to the pigeons.

The basis of the product are the two colored, easily absorbable Crumlets®. These offer a challenging amount of valuable vitamins and minerals, supplemented by essential trace elements in high-absorbable chelated form. This product offers a large amount of rapidly available energy by the high proportion of easily digestible components. The omega-3 ratio offers a unique opportunity for the resistance, endurance and fast recovery is maximized.

In particular the natural ingredients provide a better moisture balance at the cellular level. This leads to a significant increase in endurance. Extremely expensive endurance horses in the world and in the hot climate of the Middle East are fed comparable. Nutrievo Pigeon Endurance is based on years of experience of animal nutritionists and veterinarians. Most of the Dutch lofts in 2011 showed unique performance results.

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