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Enthusiastic fanciers
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Power Endurance granulate

The Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate is being added by more and more enthusiasts to the daily diet of their pigeons! And the Power Endurance Granulate is used by enthusiasts from all game components, from vitesse to extreme long distance. View the references below about their experiences with the Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate

Class pigeons, top fanciers and proper care to give the pigeons enough energy to make the difference is our firm conviction. The TopPigeons Power Endurance Granulate can be an important link in this.

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Gebr. van Deutekom

We received a nice message from Jan Willem van Deutekom, who plays with his brother under the name Gebr. from Deutekom. They use the Power Endurance Granulate to their complete satisfaction. Jan Willem himself says about this: “this year at Perigueux it was top with a 7th NPO and a 16th NPO in Department 8. And we won 15 of the 31 prizes. What strikes us is a much faster recovery because we continue to implement the Power Endurance Granulate well the first 2 days after coming home. ”

A wonderful story and experience directly from the enthusiast. Top Pigeons is happy to share this with you. On this webshop you will find more information about the Power Endurance Granulate and you can also buy it online

Henri, Pieter en Geert de Lau

Henri, Pieter and Geert de Lau from Eersel (The Netherlands) are very satisfied with the use of the Power Endurance Granulate. They are using it for the first time this year and with success.

This was the text that we received in the mail from the de Lau family: “Power Endurance Granulate used for the first time this year and you can say that we have had some good flights, to which the Power Endurance Granulate may have contributed”.

Super nice to hear this and the photo that was sent is not even better. We also invite you to experience the use of the Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate. You can add it to the feed all year round all year round.

Comb.Rekker- Westra

In 2018, for example, Auke Rekker (Comb. Rekker-Westra) made a super result on the multi-day long distance flight Limoges and flew ao a 1st NPO but also a 7th NPO, 8th NPO and so on. He has been using the Top Pigeons Power Endurance Granulate for years to full satisfaction.

Follow the example of so many satisfied users and let your pigeons enjoy and benefit from this top product.

Lourens-Jan Hengst

Lourens-Jan Hengst and Jacco Provoost, playing under the name Hengst-Provoost, won the 1st Nat. St. Vincent. Lourens Jan Hengst (see photo) has been a loyal user of the Power Endurance Granulate for years and is very satisfied with it. He provides the Power Endurance Granulate throughout the year in adjusted dosage.

Lourens-Jan and Jacco thanks for submitting the nice photo and so we already have a nice reference.

Buy Power Endurance Granulate | 4 x 750g
Buy Power Endurance Granulate | 5 x 1750g